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Flower Power Event

With our floral selections and color scheme, we managed to recreate an environment full of positive energy and retro style. In this way, we created the perfect setting for the “Flower Power” event at the Gran Hotel Sol y Mar in Calpe.

Every corner of the pool space was carefully decorated with floral elements, from arrangements on the bars to hanging garlands and decorations in the lounging areas. In addition, we highlight the photocall as a central element, designed in a creative way and full of colour. To capture special moments and immerse yourself in the bohemian and new age essence during the event.

Client: Gran Hotel SolyMar

Location: Calpe

Date: 2023

Challenge/Objective: fill the pool area with color.

Products: photocall, garlands, giant flowers and structures. Sofa, motorcycle and pvc letters.

Materials to highlight: artificial flowers, wicker and reeds.